Summary Of The Language Of War Is Killing By Shir Mohammed

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Thanks to history we see war is not limited to killing. Instead, war is a multi-packed good or evil struggle each with its own purposeful initiation and ending. Conquering poverty, illiteracy, HIV-AIDS, wasting profitable time, crimes, and armed conflict between nations or factions could exemplify what war envelops. The language of war, as states by Khalid Sheik Mohammad is, however, generalize or viewed as killing. The nature of the war addressed in Mohammad 's one lengthy article is also taken as a specific social conflict based on religious confrontation. The hot issues that include liberalism versus terrorism and economic issue are left behind in Mohammad 's discussion. Mohammad 's participation in the 11 September 2001 massacre in New York clearly indicates his anti-position against the United State 's stand. Mohammad is correct when he said that neither roses nor kisses reach Saddam from his opponents. What I understand from “The language of war is killing” is Mohammad 's active position as a living terrorists symbol not only in Iraq but also in the Arab world.…show more content…
Mohammad 's symbolic life as a terrorist could be taken from his thought, “I am an American enemy.” which indicates assures his stoic enmity against the mission of the United States. He confidently goes on conforming his terrorist activity in the September killings where thousands of innocent people lost their lives. But, he clams no heroism for his indiscriminately destructive campaign. In the U.S.A. he repeatedly praise “the Language of War is Killing” to show his disagreement with America. According to the dream of Mohammad the war between American and the Arab world will go on until the U.S.A withdraws from the his land. This again shows his groundless prediction. Now and then Mohammad addresses the unbroken continuity of terrorism against America using new winning war
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