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Billions of Dollars On Our Furry Friends “Clearly, our love for affair with our pets has gotten out of control’’ says Bilger author of “The Last Meow”. More and more money today is being spent on pets rather than welfare. Bilger disputes that Americans have spent so much money on veterinary care, food, and accessories for their pets (Bilger). I think he is right because we are wasting billions of money when we can use it on something else, something that has a cause. We can use that money for other things like funding head start programs, lift millions of families out of poverty, help sick children, and saving strays from being put to sleep. If people are going to continue to spends lot’s of money on their pets than people are going…show more content…
But on the other hand, most people do it because they accept their pets as another member of their family. For example the story about the Levering’s and their pet represents the problem of people spending large amounts of money for medical care for their pets when kids may go without even basic care. In “The Last Meow” they talk about Lady the cat and her owners, Karen and Shawn Levering. Bilger states that the couple is pretty much in debt, and they are still thinking about their cat before themselves. Despite of making only around $27,000 per year, they are still willing to spend over $15,000 to perform Lady’s surgery (Bilger 2). This shows that even though they are in debt they would do anything for their pet to be alive because they care so much about their pet and it’s a part of their family. Many Americans are willing to give up just about anything for their pets. I understand that we all love our pet, but we really need to think about all the money we spend on our pets. When a pet is really sick and there’s nothing you could do it means it’s time to let them go peacefully, so they no longer suffer. For example, when it’s time for us to go there’s nothing you can do because it’s time for us to go. Furthermore, if I had a pet I would get my pet what it needs like food, it 's shots, a bed, and one or two toys. That would be enough for my pet to be satisfied. We don’t need to be spending so much money on our pets when our…show more content…
For example, buying things you don’t need like cashmere sweaters, cute shirts and leopard skin beds, it’s a waste of a lot of money. For example, my family and I have a family friend named Stephanie. She has 3 boxers and she buys everything for them like lot’s of food, veterinary care, and accessories. She literally buys so much food for her dogs that she doesn’t buy any food or anything for herself. She has no food in her refrigerator. She says, “No I can’t buy food for myself because I need to buy food for my dogs”. This shows that people care more about their pets than themselves or their

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