Summary Of The Latin Woman I Just Met A Girl Named Maria

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In The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met A Girl Named Maria by Judith Ortiz Cofer, it uses the expression of pathos throughout the article. It explains the cultural and everyday struggles for the latina women. In the article it shows emotional appeal and makes you feel sorry for all the stereotypical references and hardships the latinas are put through. The latinas get made fun of just because of the fact that they are dressed a certain way. There are myths that latinas are just used for cleaning, cooking, and caring for children. Latina women are more than just what they wear, what they clean, and what they cook. They are actual people with feelings and it is not right to judge them for how they look.
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This is the assumption that the latina women are all domestic and that is all they do. There are many different stereotypes of the latina women, such as them beings cooks, waitresses, house cleaners, and taking care of the children. People think that they are all the same and have no other talents or responsibilities. People make assumptions just by the color of their skin or their race. They do not take the time to get to know the person before they start assuming things. The author tells us about a time that has stuck with her. She says, “An older woman motioned me over to her table… She ordered a cup of coffee from me, assuming that I was the waitress.” (Cofer 312) This shows exactly how stereotypical people can be. Stereotypes have no morals for latina women. Just because they look or dress a certain way it does not make it right to judge them for it. The author explained a situation that has happened to her, she states that she was at a dance and a male comes up to her and attempts to kiss her. She doesn't respond the way he wanted her to, he said “I thought you latina girls were suppose to mature early.” (Cofer 310) This shows how disrespectful and impolite people are to the latina women. They just assume that every latina woman would be ready to do that no matter their age. People should not judge any person by what they wear or look like. You should get to know the person and their personality before you base your opinion on…show more content…
The article shows the use of pathos and ethos. The more dominant angle is the pathos, as stated earlier, it uses a emotional connection to open up the readers minds and helps them better understand the latina women. I believe the author did a great job with using her own personal stories and experiences to make the readers understand and connect with them which describes the pathos. The way latinas are dressed describes their culture, they learn from their elders which try to make them mature faster. People should not take advantage of latinas for their race and skin color just because they are different does not mean you should treat them like it. People should be less stereotypical in spite of the fact that not every latina looks or acts the way the majority of people realize. Many latinas feel like they need to change their ways just because they are always being judged for the purpose of what they do, they as if what they do is incorrect. Latinas do not have to change their culture or the way they dress in light of the fact that people cannot comprehend what they do. Latinas should stay true to who they
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