Summary Of The Little Lady Killer Mack

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The main characters in this story are mack,missey,nan,josh,papa,little lady killer,willie,jesus sarayu and sophia. Mack is the father of kate,josh,and missy. He is also the husband of nan. He is willie 's close friend. Missy is mack 's daughter. She was kidnapped and murdered by the serial killer known as the little lady killer. Nan is mack 's wife. She is the mother of missey,kate,and josh. Josh is mack 's son. He drowns and almosts dies. Papa is god. Nan and the kids call him papa though. Little lady killer is a serial killer who is know for killing little girls that go to the camp site. Willie is macks close friend Jesus is the middle eastern man who guides mack in heaven Sarayu is the asian women who guides mack to forgiving Sophia
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