Summary Of The Lottery By Shirin Niemoller

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Both “the lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “first they came” by Martin Niemoller deal with following the crowd can have disastrous consequences. If you follow the crowd sometimes we can get in trouble for someone else. And if someone is doing something stupid and they told you to come or do it with them you can get in trouble for that to. “The lottery” had some sketchy history be hide it. Some people think if you win a lottery you win a prize like money or a new car but not in this story if you win the lottery you win death. Mr. Summers and Mr.Graves conduct the lottery and with them they had a black box with the papers the people of the town well pick out and one of them had the black dot and at the end of the lottery if you have that black dot you get stoned. The poem “First they came’ was a poem of a guy who survived the impossible. He use to be a Hitler supporter but he eventually opposed the Nazi because they put him in a execution camp. He was there for eight years and he narrowly escaped execution but after he was out he was plagued with regret.. But after all that he wrote a poem. Martin niemoller was a German an anti-Nazi . He was put in an execution camp for eight years and narrowly escaped execution. And when he did he wrote a poem. The poem was about if you didn’t speak out there will be no one there to speak for you. And the time he got to speak out he didn’t because he wasn’t a Jew or a Socialists but when Hitler came there was no one there to speaking for him
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