Summary Of The Man In The Water By Roger Rosenblatt

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The Man in the Water by Roger Rosenblatt makes you look at life in a different way than any other person could. He shows us that there are many kinds of people in this world, from people that do things for themselves, and others that would die to save someone else's life. Rosenblatt tells us about The Man in the Water after the plane crashes and how he doesn’t swim away from everyone but, takes five people to the helicopter to survive the disaster. The man in the water helped survivors of the plane crash and saved many lives . Rosenblatt’s responds to the fact that The Man in the Water lost his life to save others was that he was impressed and surprised that there are people willing to give their lives to save others. The main message from The Man in the Water is every human is different in their own special way, actions speak louder than words. We hear people talking about what they would do in a terrible situation like the one in The Man in the Water, but you can talk but until we see your actions nothing is going to change our minds. In the story The Man in the Water Roger Rosenblatt says “He was seen clinging with five other…show more content…
There are many people that freak out when in a bad situation, they tend to panic and lose control. The Man in the Water wasn’t like that he kept his head and made sure he knew what he was doing. This shows us that there are people out there that know how to act in a tricky situation. Roger talks about how every time that they threw out the life ring he would put someone else on it, not because he didn’t think he was going to make it but, because he wanted to help others before himself. Every person we know may have different ways to react to a situation, The Man in the Water kept himself under control in a terrible situation. He knew that he had to stay cool because there were others in need of
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