Summary Of The Meaning Of Friendship By Alex Pattako

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In this age of technological wonders, we enjoy many advantages that older generations would have never even dreamed of. We can connect with people all around the world and stay in touch with family and friends quicker and more efficiently. At the same time, technology can take away those most important to us, Alex Pattakos warns in his article, “The Meaning of Friendship in a Social-Networked World”. He contrasts today’s connections with true friendships and iterates how technology plays a fatal role in the tragedy of the 21st century - losing connection to important people in our lives - that so many fall victim to. He focuses on this audience by appealing to their emotions and actively connecting with them in order to convince them of the importance of cultivating and preserving sincere, long-lasting friendships.
In order to appeal to his audience, Pattakos must first establish a sound reputability. By relying on his own expertise and rallying other sources to strengthen his argument, he convinces his audience that they can place their utmost trust in him. Although Pattakos doesn’t mention his expertise outright in the article, the fact remains that he still spent many years building it up. In his bio, he mentions his expertise in political science, psychology, and existential philosophy. Considering the fact that the entire article centers around philosophical ideas, the audience can safely assume that Pattakos knows what he’s doing. Or in other words, the audience that

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