Summary Of The Movie 'Etiquette Of A Mistress'

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Etiquette of a Mistress (2016): Reaction
The movie ‘The Etiquette of a Mistress’, directed by Chito Roño was released in 2015. The movie aims to showcase the lives of mistresses, their struggles on taking the role as the other woman and their rules on how to become the perfect mistresses. The story of the movie revolves around a group of girls who find comfort from each other as they take the role as the other woman of a married man. They are not ordinary mistresses. They are mistresses of big personalities and at the same time, career women. Stella is a lawyer who is the mistress of Ambet, a famous but sick news reporter. Chloe, a party-goer and a rebellious one, is also a mistress but her relationship with her mate was deteriorating as the guy found another woman. Charley, the richest in the circle is the mistress of Wang Jie, a very rich guy whom she already had kids with. Georgia is the mistress of Rob, one of the associates of the future first gentleman of the country. She is also referred to as the perfect mistress. Ina, a young woman joins the circle as she is also a mistress, the mistress of Frank, the future first gentlemen of the country. Rob asked Georgia if she could train Ina on how to become the perfect mistress of Frank, for Frank’s wife is running for presidency and their secret relationship would be a national scandal. They underwent many twists and turns but in the end, they were able to ‘get out’ and live happily.
The characters were
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