I Depend On Your Grave 2 Analysis

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Have you ever seen the movie “I Spite on your Grave 2”? Its about a young woman who has an aspiring dream of becoming a model. Desperate to update her modeling portfolio, she accepts a gig at a free photography studio where she meets three brothers from Bulgaria. She does the shoot and then one of the brothers has an obsessive crush and follows her home later that night, where he later tries to rape the model, but ends of murdering her neighbor. Then he rapes the model, and then calls his brother to cover it up by getting rid of all the evidence of the crime. That’s when they make her unconscious, decide to kidnap her, and then brings her to Bulgaria. She wakes up naked and handcuffed to a pipe in a basement in Bulgaria. She manages to escape and…show more content…
Yes, I said it. What happened to this character in the movie is no where near the same amount of harm down to black women in the civil rights area. Most people never hear about the harm done to black women during the civil rights movement because the focus was on men and men’s contribution and sacrifices. No one cared for the women. Black women were overlooked because of their gender. In a compelling, deeply passionate, and open novel by Danielle McGuire, she sheds light on black women involvement and how pivotal their stories are on raising awareness on sexual violence throughout history in her book titled “At the dark end of the street: black women, rape, and resistance- a new history of the civil rights movement from Rosa Parks to the rise of black power.” Not only does this book focuses on the truth about Black women’s suffrages, but it also sheds light on Rosa Parks huge contribution to this matter years before the infamous bus protest. Lastly, the book showcases how white men used violence on black women to prolong white supremacy to stay
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