Summary Of The Novel A Night Divided

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The novel “A Night Divided”, written by Jennifer A. Nielsen, tells the story of a young girl and her brother who go on a quest for freedom with many obstacles on the way. Due to the East Berlin government, the father decided his family should move to West Berlin, but the mother didn’t want to leave behind the life they built in the East. Therefore, she allowed the middle child, Dominic, to go with their father. Unexpectedly, one night eight-year-old Gerta’s family was divided with the sudden rise of the Berlin Wall. While she, her brother Fritz, and their mother are in the East, their father and other brother are in the West. Four years later, on her way home from school, Gerta, who is now twelve, spots someone familiar from a viewing tower in the West. It was her brother, Dominic. The next day on her way to school, she sees Dominic again, only he was with her father. Once it was distinct he had her full attention, he proceeded to do a dance he used to do for her before she went to bed. Only this time, he added a digging motion at the end. After thinking about the dance for the rest of the day, she decides that he wants her to dig a tunnel, but where? While her mother goes to care for her sick mother with a broken leg, Gerta receives a note given to her by her best friend Anna, who was instructed by her brother, Peter, to give it to her. Instantly Gerta knew that the note was from Dominic and her father. It showed a dilapidated building, where she must dig. After
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