John Steinbeck's Struggle In The Juvenile Industry

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"Goldfinger" is a classic espionage thriller starring the British spy James Bond, Agent 007. Bond working for the British secret service and is one of the elite "00" agents with a "license to kill." After taking up the heroin smuggling gang Bond's cross paths in Miami with British millionaire, Auric Goldfinger, who is obsessed with gold and it has huge amounts. Undercover Bond finally comes closer Gold finger and part of its operation to rob Fort Knox gold hair. Bond discovers that Goldfinger is a major funder of the SMERSH, the spies corps of the Soviet Union. Using the US military discovered Bond Goldfinger's plan, but he escaped with the robbery. Later kidnaps Goldfinger Bond and Goldfinger steals a plane because he must deliver to the Federal…show more content…
M tells Bond that he should report to the Bank of England to learn something about a possible gold smuggling operation led by Goldfinger. Bond discovers that Goldfinger is one of the richest men in the world and is obsessed with gold which he has stored. He finances his surgery and the story is believed by the Bank of England. By smuggling it into India can be a high price to be gotten for gold. Goldfinger has laboratories in England and Switzerland, and he has no criminal record and it is not clear how he gets the gold smuggled out of England. He is also suspected to be covered by the Soviet spies corps, known as SMERSH, since bars of gold are found in the prison of the SMERSH agents. Bond is invited to gather more…show more content…
Goldfinger is trying to learn more about Bond and Bond gives him his cover story. He works for a company called Universal Export. Bond says that he himself has been involved in smuggling drugs to seduce as Goldfinger to make him an offer. But Goldfinger does not. He tells Bond that he is taking a ferry to Europe the following day. Bond posted a device on Goldfinger's Rolls Royce before he flies to France the next day. He hunts Goldfinger from a distance chase through France towards Switzerland. Along the way he crosses paths with Tilly Soames, a beautiful young woman in a silver sports car. He is afraid that she might be an enemy agent, so Bond turns her car off. She tells him that she is a golfer is on his way to Geneva to play in a tournament. Bond offers her a ride, which she accepts. The real name of Soames seems to be Tilly Masterton's sister Jill Masterton. Bond discovers that Goldfinger Jill has slain when she went back after leaving Bond. Tilly wants Goldfinger killing out of revenge. Both Bond and Tilly caught when trying to break into Goldfinger's metal laboratory in

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