Summary Of The Novel 'Men Of Capital In Times Of Scarcity: Economy In Palestine'

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Sherene Seikaly is the author of “Men of Capital in Times of Scarcity: Economy in Palestine”, published in 2015. She is the Associate Professor of history at the University of California. Her main research focuses of the exploration of how individuals and governments deploy their concepts and material practices to shape the economy of their living area. Her fields of study include comparative gender history, Middle East, and World History. She is the co-editor of the “Arab Studies Journal” and the co-founder and editor of Jadailyya E-Zine. “Men in Capital” focuses on the periodization of the British Mandate and their rule in Palestine during the years of 1930s and 1940s. The book emphasizes the phase of economic prosperity and inequality of the Palestinian nation. In addition, during the era of the British Mandate, the land of Palestine’s economic sector was growing due to the growing success of the Zionist Yeshuv and funding. Furthermore, we understand the struggle of the Palestinian businessman during WWII and the rise of strong Zionist nationalism. The main course of the book focuses on the land of Palestine, what is now known at the modern nation state of Israel. It focuses on the pre-existed cities in Palestine and its inhabitants. The book “Men in Capital” highlights the economical struggle of a Palestinian businessman during the British Mandate. Seikaly underlines the importance of economic growth as an important factor in the social management as it’s in

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