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Norby is the chief protagonist in the Norby Chronicles series of novels by Isaac Asimov. Norby made his first appearance when he the 1983 published title Norby the Mixed Up Robot and went on to be the lead in eleven more tiles. While Janet Asimov wrote about 90% of the novel, Isaac Asimov polished some parts of the work and added his name to enhance sales.

The Norby character was originally a robot that had been brought into being by another robot known as Mentor First on an interstellar planet. His first mission proved a disaster as the ship he was traveling in veered into the asteroid belt to be discovered by inventor and salvager McGilicuddy eons later. McGillicuddy welded most of what was remaining of the robot into a new robot that he
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Jeff has himself a teaching robot that he believes will be instrumental in learning Martian Swahili. But Norby the robot turns out to have far many more special powers than most robots he has come across. Norby comes with hyperspace and antigravity capacities even though controlling those powers is a problem.

Things become even more complicated when Ing the Ingrate announces his plans to take over the galaxy. Being the evil man that he is, it is now up to Jeff, Norby, and Jeff’s older brother to take him on. What follows is a fascinating science fiction narrative that showcases the skills of Isaac Asimov in writing one of the most popular of series that was later adapted into a serialized comic by Boys Life in the 90s.

Norby Finds A Villain the sixth novel in the Norby Chronicles is generally regarded as one of its best. In this novel, Ing the villain from the first title in the series and Norby’s arch nemesis makes a return. Ing comes with even better skills, which make it very easy for him to steal the hyperspace capable space ship, the only one in the federation’s possession. With the ship under his control, he deploys it in opening a portal into an alternate universe that allows an alien race called the Biguglies to enter the earth. It now up to Norby and his friends to fight and defeat the aliens, and while at it neutralize Ing and retake the space

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