Summary Of The Novel Olive's Ocean

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The novel “Olive’s Ocean” revolves around Martha Boyle, a twelve-year-old girl full of personality. At the beginning of the first chapter, she was given a journal page from a mysterious woman, who revealed to be Olive Barstow’s mother. Mrs. Barstow explained that her daughter (Olive) left directions to rip out a specific page from her journal and hand it over to Martha. Olive Barstow was a quirky and unique girl, who attended Martha’s school. In fact, the two of them shared the same passion for writing and the study of the ocean. However, Martha has never spoken to Olive, or greeted her because she was pressured by her friends to ignore her. After Martha read the journal page, she realized that she made a mistake. In the page Olive wrote that she had a strong connection to Martha, and that she was dying to start a friendship with her over summer vacation. However her tragic accident (death) in July prevented her form reaching that goal. Throughout the chapters Martha begins to feel guilty and regretful, of how she treated Olive in school. Martha does some weird things, in order to get Olive off her mind, but every single attempt leads her to thinking more about her death. Later on, Martha tries to confide her mother and brother about Olive, but she cannot build the courage to. The Boyle family then begins pack their belongings for a trip to Godbee’s (Martha’s grandmother, a.k.a her dad’s mother) beach house in Cape Cod, Florida. In conclusion, these nine chapters have

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