Summary Of The Novel 'The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh'

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The three texts, “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” by Ray Bradbury, Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen and Civil War Journal by Louisa May Alcott share the common theme of the importance of an individual's contribution during the Civil War. Joby’s contribution to the war is very important because it helps alert the soldiers and give them special signals. Charlie’s contribution to the war is also very important because he is helping the people win by risking his life. Louisa May Alcott’s contribution to the army is very important because she helps save lives of the soldiers. Contribution is very important in life because if one person does not do their job the whole army falls apart. This is very similar to when you have to work to make money to keep yourself alive.

Joby in “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” contributed by motivating the army. Drummer
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A nurse's journal, a drummer boys story and volunteering soldier's story all have a similar theme to show how different parts of the army help keep everything together and not all over the place. In the story “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” it stated, “You are the heart of the army.” This shows that drummer boys are very important because they keep the “heart “ beating. In Louisa's Civil War Journal it stated “Cutting up food for helpless “boys”...” This proves that if there was no nurse than the soldiers with no arms would not be able to eat. So nurses help feed soldiers so they are ready to fight. In the story Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen, it stated, “He was fifteen and while he worked as a man worked..” This demonstrates that people are willing to risk their lives so much that they will even lie about their age, which shows how important being a soldier is. Overall, different parts of the army work together to help win and do whatever it takes to win, even

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