Summary Of The Odour Of Chrysanthemums

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The town presented in The Odour of Chrysanthemums by D.H. Lawrence is a dreary and bleak small miner community where the industry of mining and the use of machinery has led the town along with its inhabitants into a doleful and forlorn trance. In this town, the men are mostly miners who travel down into the earth, far from their families and communities, in order to earn just enough money to put food on the table. Mining is an occupation that requires hard-work, stamina, courage and resilience, and is not the job for the weak of heart. Many miners will die during their shift due to accidents that can cause traumatic memories and experiences for the other miners. These men, who are expected to be brave and resilient, cannot often deal with the burdens that is put on them by both society and their families, so many may find themselves at bars, slowly drinking themselves to death in order to forget. This maladaptive coping method is also demonstrated by Mr. Bates as he drinks to free himself free from the worries of work and his families troubles, such as their financial needs. “The lad […] was was dressed in trousers and waistcoat of cloth that was too thick and hard for the size of the garments. They were evidently cut down from a man’s clothes” (Lawrence I). The financial hardship of this family puts a strain on both the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Bates and their relationship. The tense relationship puts Mr. Bates under tremendous pressure at work and at home as he is unable
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