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It `s uninvited guest which always appears not in a right time. It brings a chaos in our life interfering with our daily routine and changing our plans. It makes us to forget about our friends, closed people; about everything … It subordinates us to its will. It’s a PAIN. Eula Biss, in her essay “The Pain Scale”, maintains her confusion over the pain scale concept starting from the very first number of the scale and its relevance to the pain itself. She also claims that pain is rather multidimensional process, which I believe is true, and the pain scale cannot provide the base to fully understand the process, thus, I assume, useless. The author in her essay often mentions her father who is a physician and has a lot of experience working with patients. As a doctor he knows how to define and deal with patients `s pain. “Most pain is minor” is one of his statements that disturbed the author and provoked her to create a larger list of pain types. After reading “The Pain Scale” I was thinking about the pain classification: physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual, social … In my opinion, there is no…show more content…
While it may be very interesting subject, the meaning of zero and its applications in our life is absolutely irrelevant to one who is ready to cut their head off to get the pain relief. The zero surely doesn’t` mean anything at all in this context; when somebody is in pain do you think he or she would develop such philosophy over abstract nothingness? From my experience I’d never consider even answering the phone while being in pain. I only can determine that while sitting in the exam room of the hospital Eula Biss was not anywhere close to high numbers of the pain scale and, most likely, never had an experience with much of pain. This is not fair to deliberately degrade the meaning of one of the useful tools that can identify the

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