Maria Pa Pesaro Analysis

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At first glance the Pala Pesaro is obviously a religious piece of art, probably a commission from the church or a known and wealthy religious figure. I know from previous knowledge that this painting is located in the Basilica Frari, which means that the painting is Catholic. I can assume it is an oil on canvas painting since that type of medium was very common throughout history until the 20th century. I also would guess that the Pesaro Madonna was painted around 12th or 13th century since that is the time in which catholic paintings flourished in this style. The painting looks like it has much symbolism, such as the kneeling and prayer which means that the woman is the Virgin Mary with Christ. The painting is a representation of divination…show more content…
Whilst walking around Venice one can spot Titian art and Titian influence all over the city. Titian is a very celebrated and valued artist in the city of Venice. His first commission was ‘The Assumption of the Virgin’ for the high altar of the Frari, which established his place as a known Venetian artist. The Assumption of the Virgin brought up some comments because of the odd and dark way Titian portrayed the Virgin Mary. In the Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari many of the high altars were painted by Titian; this was a very big deal because it gave him exposure as an artist. Titians portraits are unforgettable because they seen to express a psychological dimension while also portraying the objects status and…show more content…
It is to be known that Venice is noted for their art, which is distinguished by the merging of culture, traditions and customs. This was because of the way the city was linked, and also because of the fact that Venice was a trade port that had many different people going through every day. During the 16th century Venice was the largest city state in Italy and the third largest city of Europe, in terms of population. This meant that the city had a great influence on it surrounding cultures; this can be noted through Venetian fashion. Venetians were the first people to accept such freedom in society in how to dress. Fashion trends became the norm and everyone could enjoy these trends. It is good to notice the republic in which Venice was ruled upon. The doge, or duke, of Venice was an elected official that came into power to be seen as a social influence. The doge himself did not have much power; he was a just a political figure seen by the people. The Republic of Venice thrived because it needed more than one person to authorize a political move. This decreased the chances of corruption, because everything in the council was
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