Hansel And Gretel Play Analysis

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Play: Hansel and Gretel Scene 1 Narrator:( On a sunny day in the Woody Forest Hansel and Gretel are on their Dad’s house. Their dad will soon leave to the forest and find wood to get what his kids want. His dad talks before exiting.) Hensel: Dad I want more food. Gretel: And I want something good. (Disgusted) Dad: Well, we don’t have money to buy. Grettel: Well, can 't you just cut wood and get money from that! (annoyed) Dad: I’ll see what I can get. Dad: Ok bye kids, I will see what I can get from the wood.(Closing the door shut.) Narrator: ( While the kids dad leaves, the children think of what should they do until their dad comes back. They talk of about their thoughts.) Hansel: Gretel . Grettel: What! Hansel: What are we going to do while our dad comes back?…show more content…
( talking with his mouth full ) Grettel: I have a bad feeling of this house. ( Questioned) Hansel: Well, all I 'm interested in the food. ( Taking mouthfuls of candy) Narrator: ( The witch look at her window and sees what is happening. She goes down stairs and opens the door. ) Witch: What are you doing to my poor house boy. Hansel: Oh, sorry I was hungry. Grettel: Why are you not that mean if you are a witch. Witch: I don’t want to be mean. ( annoyed) Grettel: Why is your house mostly made of candy, that 's dumb? Hansel: Don’t be that mean, (Hansel said hungrily), It’s great for me . Grettel: What can I expect from a hungry brother. Witch: Well, I won’t matter giving him food. Witch: I can use them to help me build a real house. I am tired of kids eating my house. ( talking in her mind) Hansel: Really? Witch: Yes. Witch: With one condition. Hansel: What? Grettel: What do you want us to do? Witch: Build me a house made of wood not candy. Hansel: I’m find with that. Grettel: What about me? Grettel: I want something else than food. Witch: Like what? Grettel: A new phone, tablet and headphone. Witch: Oh,
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