Summary Of The Poem 300 Goats

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When something is natural then it isn’t caused by mankind it is actually caused by nature. Within the poem 300 goats we are viewing goats from the view of a normal human who doesn’t know goats or how they live, she doesn’t know how the goats survive, she doesn’t know goats. The person whose view the poem is written from is just a friend of the owner of goats who lives far from the ranch, and she simply has no idea how goats can survive on their own and she finds herself almost praying for the goats. The author doesn’t know what nature truly is and the ways that it can affect the living things that spend their whole lives in nature dealing with the problems as they come. This poem is about nature and how it affects living things other than human beings. The author is worried about the ways of the goats and since she can just put a jacket on or go inside to get warm then how do these creatures who live outside and deal with all the weather survive. When night comes the author knows how her life goes, she probably goes inside gets in bed and goes to sleep, but how do goats do it. She doesn’t know so therefore she finds herself hoping, praying for the goats to get out of the cold and be ok. “Lead them to the brush, which cuts the icy wind.Another frigid night swooping down.”(Nye Lines 9-10 ) So the brush in this sense is like her house to her, her house cuts the wind and lets her be warm and unexposed to the weather. The goats, she knows doesn’t have a house so she is
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