Summary Of The Poem Half Past Two

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Half-past two is a poem written by U.A. Fanthorpe. It’s the poem about the boy who do something Very Wrong (He don’t know what he done wrong) and he is in the detention by the teacher until half-past two. The teacher leave the boy alone. During detention time, this boy have a daydreaming as the time goes on which makes the boy feel being in another better world (No more thinking about the adult’s control). Then teacher realised that the boy was still in detention even it’s the end of detention due to the kids don’t understand the time passing of ‘half-past two’. In this poem, the poet shows the sadness through the boy who misunderstand about time and the boy was kept in the detention room forever if none of the teacher notifies him, the boy 's perspective who feel being offended by the teacher who shows disrespectful and never care of student’s perspective, and sadness for not giving a right to be freedom even though the justice is served due to teacher’s forgotten memory. This shows the inequality of the school consequence’s system. These points makes the audience feel sympathy. According to the poem ‘Half-past two’, the poet shows boy’s misunderstanding about time. This can clearly shown that the kids knows every time except half-past two which was written in ‘All the important time he knews, But not half-past two’ (14-15) even though he knew lots of time e.g. ‘Gettinguptime, timeyouwereofftime’ (11) This quote shows that the poet used combined word technique,But he never

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