Summary Of The Poem 'Hurt Hawks' By Robinson Jeffers

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Freedom is a right that every human should have. Without freedom, the world is a dim and dull place. The poem,“Hurt Hawks” by Robinson Jeffers is about injured hawks that face the issue of no longer having freedom and feeling defeated. Throughout this poem, Jeffers uses symbolism, exposition, conflict, tone, as well as falling and rising action to deliver a poem with character. The second piece of literature, “Silent Protest” by Shadi Eskandani is about the fight for women’s rights in the Muslim religion and culture. The women are protesting for freedom of choice, they want to be able to make their own decisions on what they can do and wear without being scolded for their actions by the men. The author uses symbolism, stereotypes, exposition, irony, and conflict in the short story to develop a well-rounded approach to the issue. The two works of literature are connected by the common theme of freedom and the want for all creatures to have it. Freedom should not be a privilege, freedom should be a right. Symbolism plays a crucial role in relating both works of literature to the main theme of freedom. Robinson Jeffers uses symbolism all throughout his poem. One of the major symbols being the hawk in of itself. Birds, in general, are related to a sense of freedom, the sky is the limit. Birds have the ability to fly, and flying in itself represents freedom. Hawks are strong and independent birds so it makes sense for their need of control. As the hawk symbolizes freedom, a
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