Summary Of The Poem 'Marks' My Linda Pastan

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In the short poem “Marks” my Linda Pastan, you are given an insight on the life of a wife who is also a mother of two. The setting of the story takes place in a standard family home, but instead of feeling like you were home it felt more like school. This poem is an extended metaphor; the author uses grades a student would normally get in school to compare to how her family measures to being a mother as well as a wife. Now through dialogue you can tell that she is not actually receiving grades for the required chores she has to do but it helps communicate the message to the audience. Due to the fact that it’s easy for just about any one reading this to relate to a grading system cause we all have received an amount of schooling before. The…show more content…
The daughters statement was clearly just her opinion on her mother passing not with any back up evidence which would of gave the mother a more solid thought on just her passing. So the speaker doesn’t seem so enthusiastic about the way her family judges her value, her worth, or her performance. The mother seems in distress which is also just like a student being graded in school and they don’t meet the standards that are set for them by others. The irony here is that rather than parents mark their children, it is the children and father who is marking her, which is the commonly thought to be the most important figure in the household and family. The speaker leads us to believe that there is going to be some action to take place as she continues the metaphor by stating “dropping out” so will she leave? Maybe voice her unhappiness and feelings of stress? Could this be a suicide note? But regardless of those it is made clear that instead of belittling those we love, we need to appreciate the good loved ones and friends do for us or it could lead to them no longer wanting anything to do with
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