Summary Of The Poem Ozymandias

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The girl in the rear view mirror was a very heart touching story about the love between a truck driver and a prostitute. In the story, a prostitute named Jotinha falls in love with a truck driver named Luis. She was HIV positive, and because of which she had left the truck stop where she used to meet Luis and also for the fact that she was pregnant with Luis’s baby. Then later on she returned to meet Luis and leave the baby to him since the baby boy was also suffering from AIDS. Now talking about the characters in this story starting with Luis, he was actually a very complex fellow who was somewhat dynamic in his nature. He had planned everything in advance of what he wanted from life, but he couldn’t get whatever he hoped he would just change…show more content…
The traveler says that he visited a land where he saw a statute of a king with just legs and the head next to it half sunk into the sand. On the pedestal there were words of how he was the mighty one and everyone else should admire his creation around. However there was nothing to be found around the statue, only miles and miles of sand. From this poem we get to know that nothing is going to last forever. The king may have been the most powerful in his time but one can say that how the mighty has fallen. We get to learn that being boastful is never a good idea because ones powers drain, that person is left with nothing but ruins. The Ballad of the Landlord by Langston Hughes is actually a very unique poem which emphasis on the discrimination that the African-American people used to face in those time by the clever example of using the relationship of tenant and landlord. Here from this poem we get to know that how the people were so racist towards the black people and in fact in the eyes of the law they were never considered to get equal rights. We see in this poem how an African-American man trying to get his roof fixed by asking the landlord to fix it but rather ends up in jail even though he was never at

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