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The girl in the rear view mirror was a very heart touching story about the love between a truck driver and a prostitute. In the story, a prostitute named Jotinha falls in love with a truck driver named Luis. She was HIV positive, and because of which she had left the truck stop where she used to meet Luis and also for the fact that she was pregnant with Luis’s baby. Then later on she returned to meet Luis and leave the baby to him since the baby boy was also suffering from AIDS.

Now talking about the characters in this story starting with Luis, he was actually a very complex fellow who was somewhat dynamic in his nature. He had planned everything in advance of what he wanted from life, but he couldn’t get whatever he hoped he would just change his mind about it. But according to me, there was one thing he was very static about, and that
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Even though some might argue that the conflict in this story would be AIDS playing a role in between love, but according to me, the love between them is the conflict. Both of them are unable to confess their love for each other and that led to many mistakes that they made. Mistake by Jotinha was that even though she claimed to love him she did not tell him about her having AIDS or the fact that she was pregnant with his baby. Mistake by Luis was that just like his character he started to jump to his own conclusions rather than finding out the truth.

From all this I can say that the theme of the story, “Girls in the Rear View Mirror” has to be the hazardous nature of AIDS and how it ruined the lives of 2 people who were very much in love with each other. Of course there remains many other small little themes in this story like how having a plan in your life fail in front of your eyes can have a negative effect on you or the fact that not being able to get the courage at the right time costs so much in the lives of the 2 individuals in this

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