Summary Of The Poem Sea Of Faith

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The poem “Sea of Faith” is about “freshmen” students and professor. Furthermore, it alludes to the professor’s deep thoughts on a “dumb” question about “Sea of Faith.” ‘A young woman” asks about the realism of the “Sea of Faith,” and this makes John Brehm question the intelligence of the “freshmen” students (line 8). He is shocked and confused how little that “freshman” knows. In the real world, professors encourage students to ask questions since there is no such thing like “a stupid” question, although, for the fact, only professors know how ridiculous student’s queries can be. The author utilizes multiple metaphors in the poem to create vivid imagery in readers’ mind about the poem. Additionally, John Brehm widely utilizes nautical metaphors to bring out its intentions. For instance, the poem is entitled “the sea of faith.” The term “Sea” is used to show how deep, broad, and everlasting the act of “faith” can be. John Brehm does not mean a geographical body of water, but rather that the way people are unsure about faith and the level of believing, as though one is drifting on water without the reassurance of firm ground beneath his or her feet. The comparison made is people’s faith to a full body of water. In realism world, a sea is a wide and deep body of water as far as the eye can see. The author in this poem intends to give a reader a clear image of people’s faith which is like an unending body of water which is always full. John Brehm also goes further to use the
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