Summary Of The Poem 'Tableau' By Countee Cullen

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The poems Tableau and Incident by Countee Cullen are both wonderful poems. They both send out a message of equality but have very different ways of showing so. The poem’s different forms carry their theme through tone, imagery, and theme. Through each description within the writing, there is proof that the poems are speaking about equality. No matter how much of a different the poems are. Tone is how the author makes you feel and what you perceive from a poem. In the poem, Tableau by Countee Cullen, the author uses metaphors and similes to express the ideas. “Locker arm in arm they cross the way, The black boy and the white” (Tableau) Equality, a white and black not being judged for something as little as friendship. The tone within this poem is power. The two little boys…show more content…
They are a bit different though. Within the poem Tabeau it quotes, “In unison to walk,” The two boys, one white and one black create a friendship that means more to them than what others say. This is why the theme or the message of this poem is everyone should be equal. “ From May until December; of all the things that happened there, that’s all I remember,” Incident said finally. This poem put out a message showing that words are powerful. So between the two poems, the messages that they are trying to express are both about the equality, but offer and show different sides of it. In conclusion, using tone, figures of speech and the theme of the poems Tableau and Incident by Countee Cullen all show equality and how much it takes to get there. Both poems use different tone, figures of speech, and theme to show equality. Without using tone the readers would not know how it felt to be treated in this kind of way. Figures of speech were used without them readers wouldn’t be able to use imagery and be able to imagine what the story really looks like. And without the theme of both poems no one would really understand what equality
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