Summary Of The Poem Television By Roald Dahl

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The poem Roald Dahl “Television” from March 3rd 2003 is specially made to the adults, especially parents and it is one of the poem in which he added humor and truth about the issue into his work. Basically what he is trying to convey in the poem is that the television have more negative impacts to children than what we’re expected and books are becoming an old, left out, and forgotten thing among children. Based on the poem, the poet, Roald Dahl give the television several bad characteristic such as destructive, evil, and harmful to the children in contrary with the books in which the poet try to convey as magical, knowledgeable and good to the young children. To make this poem interesting, the poet uses several poetic devices such as rhyme, rhythm and repetition that can make the poem more calming, easy to hear, and witty. This poem, however can be related with a talk from Hamza Yusuf, an American Muslim scholar, entitled “Devils Trap” in which tells us how bad the entertainments in the America are whether it is from the television, movies, music, and even the hidden agendas about it. First and foremost, Roald Dahl starts the poem in a very serious tone that tells the reader to keep the young children away from the evil television. He even uses repetition of “never, NEVER, NEVER” and capitalization of the word ‘never’ to shows that it is a very serious matter. The poet also state that the parents, as maybe the best thing to do, is to never install the

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