Summary Of The Poem The Nevada Glassworks

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The poem “The Nevada Glassworks” tells about a mother growing in the 50s and a glassworking company making glass in Nevada. The 50s were post-World War II and were better known as the start of the nuclear age. It is during this time that the narrator’s mother is in her teen years and is growing up. Along with her we find that this glasswork company is also growing and is making great progress on the research they are conducting. Ka-Boom! They 're making glass in Nevada! The first line of Clover’s poem immediately starts with both a metaphor and a not-so-subtle clue as to what the meaning behind it is. Figure August, 1953, mom 's 13, it 's hot as a simile. The beginning of the poem introduces us to the mother of the narrator, and tells us when the poem takes place. We are told of glass being made in Nevada and hinted that there is more to it than what meets the eye. Ker-Pow! Transmutation in Nevada! Imagine mom: pre-Post Modern new teen, innocent for Elvis, ditto "Korean conflict," John Paul George Ringo Viet Nam. Mom 's 1 state west of the glassworks, she 's in a tree / k*i*s*s*i*n*g, lurid cartoon-colored kisses. Ka-Blam! The poem then tells of more things happening in Nevada, and we are told more of the mother. At a first glance we can see a story with an A and B plot to it, the changes happening in Nevada and a mother growing in the time period. When looking closer, we can see that this mother is what most would see as the typical teen as said by, “pre-Post Modern

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