Summary Of The Rape Of Arunna

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Through Pinki Virani’s narration of Aruna’s story, Many questions strike the reader’s mind about our society. We realise that the males, who are stronger in structure as compared to females tries to dominate the females . Aruna, who used to pinpoint Sohanlal for his wrong deeds which was not liked by Sohanlal and Just because he wanted to take revenge from her for stopping him from stealing food, he raped her. Aruna’s whole life was spoiled just in 10minutes.
 Why? Because she favored the right thing? Because she was loyal towards her job?

 Is it right by a male to dominate a female by raping her? Is raping a girl a right way to take a revenge?

Raping a women to take revenge or teaching a lesson just because she is against the wrong deeds is not at all fair. Raping a women will not make a male a “Gentleman” But protecting her will surely make them one.
As we move further in the story, we come to know about the case that was registered on Sohanlal after the incident. A case was registered on him as an attempt of robbery and an attempt to murder and he was sent to jail for 7years. because of the concealment of anal rape by the doctors under the instructions of the Dean of the KEM hospital, Dr. Deshpande, to prevent her of getting socially rejected and to prevent any affect on her impending marriage.
 Why our society does not accept the rape victims? Why do they see them with pitty instead of boosting up their

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