Summary Of The Secret Life Of Bees

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This book called” The Secret Life Of Bees “ written by Sue Monk Kidd , took place in 1974 when the Jim law was still occurring since 1874 .A law that discern black and white people and giving it difficulties for a black person to vote .Jim crow did not allow black to have the same rights as white people .For example Rosa park whites sat different sides of the bus . In the book ,The Secret Life Of Bees , a young white girl who runs away from home with her nanny rosaleen who was African american . She is also on a look out to find a place to where her mom probably was before ,because of a found of a old picture of a virgin Mary as a African american. Lily ends up in a pink house where three black sisters lived with the name of calendars and got to stay there with made up lies . As lily lives with them throughout the story she starts to see the world in another perspective .…show more content…
As the gun then laid on the ground she reached to get it out of sight but all of it sudden she knew her mom was dead . Lily one day when to the attic and found a box that had belonged to her mother ,and one of the was a African american virgin Mary, Which at the back it had a place name written ,which made her think her mother was probably there before .On the way to downtown three white men making fun of rosaleen cause she was on her way to vote and for them it was difficult around that time ,they didn't have much rights as white. Now in our days is now a big difference about different skin colors being together don't matter
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