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Bangana Today the western countries are one of the most developed populations in the world. They have developed socially, economically and not least technologically. Drones is a new technology that can be used for many purposes, for instance filming a beautiful landscape or for military surveillances, which is exactly what the short story “Bangana” by CJ Hauser is about. In the short story we follow Alicia’s job as a drone pilot and she controls her drone thousands of miles way form its actual position. The short story Bangana takes place in Virginia, USA and Afghanistan. The actions spans over a couple days in the life of a drone pilot, Alicia Brennan. The main physical setting is in Virginia, USA. In view of the…show more content…
She is a young woman, who is probably married to Sean, a history teacher and they have a child together called Bug. Alicia is the protagonist of the short story because she is the central character and without her there would be no story. She is a former fighter pilot for the air force but know she a drone pilot, who flies recognition missions in Afghanistan and the Pakistani border. Alicia can be described as a round character because when she is at work she seems more masculine and tough, especially when she talks: “.. unless you’re out there wining around in an F-16 I don’t want to hear a fucking thing about it. I hear a lot about it. Hell I used to dish a lot about it.”(Page 1. Line 4-6). This quote shows us, that the job in the military as a drone pilot affects her psychologically in the way she talks and as a member of the military you are forced to be a though one. There is also a moment when she is not the tough one but more emotional for example when Sean caresses affectionately and where her son, Bug is sick:” I curl into Sean and he alternates stroking Bug’s hair, which hangs in his face, and mine, which he tugs from the collar of my terrible fake-ass flight suit. Sean’s fingers go deep in my hair.”(Page 3. Line 83-86). From this quote and the one before we can see why Alicia is a round character. She is a real character, who express herself emotionally in situations and toughly in other. The short story “Bangana” gives us an impression of how the gender roles are in two different cultures. Some cultures live with a traditional gender role where the man is the head of the house, while the woman stays inside taking care of the house and children. While other cultures challenges the traditional gender roles where it is not necessarily the man who is the head of the house, but quite the other way

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