Summary Of The Short Story 'Blackberries' By Ellen Hunnicutt

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Back in time it was a matter of course to get married, people did it because of tradition and maybe because everyone else did it. It wasn 't as special as it is today, back then you were much better at compromising. Today most of us think it’s a big deal to get married and get committed in such way to another human being, because we know it’s can go the other way around too. Many people are having a divorce, and when we hear that, we don’t get as surprised as we should, because it happens all the time and we know that almost every marriage ends up in a divorce. We change all the time, and our generation is a lot different from the generations before. In the short story blackberries, written by Ellen Hunnicutt in 1987, you meet a married couple who has been married for many years. The short story Blackberries is about a couple who has been married for a long time. In their relationship is it the man, who is trying to keep their marriage alive, and he seems excited for splitting fire logs and picking the blackberries. It might be the husband who arranged the excursion. His wife is more straightforward as a person. She is a bit more passive, quieter and fragile than her husband. Even though she likes her husband, she forgets one of the most important things in a relationship - to give him compliments. It doesn’t seem like she’s trying to keep their marriage alive, as much as her husband. Actually she’s just sitting on a blanket and talking about things that are not useful.
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