Summary Of The Short Story By Zuraidah Omar

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Based on the short story written by Zuraidah Omar, Twelve and not stupid, I learn from the story that one should not be ignorant towards his/her children and to responsible towards their family.

This imply on the earlier chapters of the story when Sasha, the main character of the story, had to wait for a very long time for her father to fetch her. She also stated that her father has been late occasionally, almost everyday to the point there were once that he actually forgotten to fetch her from school. My first impression of the father would be 'irresponsible '. As his duty as a father, he should be aware of his daughter school schedule. Even if he was late for a good reason, he should at least apologised to her afterwards.

The second thing that I noticed is when Sasha was told by his father to lie about Aunt May when her mother questioned her about her lateness on that day by saying that she had a school activity that she forgot to tell to her mother. Aunt May was later revealed as Yem 's second wife who was secretly married to him without the first 's wife knowledge. I personally think that her father should not forced Sasha to lie to her own mother about Aunt May 's existence. Her father actions left me suspicious him. A question popped up in my mind. "Is he cheating on his wife?". His actions also left Sasha in curiousity as she mentioned in the story that her father rarely talks much and does not usually tell anyone what on his mind.

The third
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