Summary Of The Short Story 'Norma' By Sonia Sachs

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In the short story “Norma” by Sonia Sachs it describes the perspective of a character named Sonia. Sonia is a shy student who attends George Washington Highschool. She is a character who is an average learne. She needs help in math and has to study after school in most subjects. In the beginning of the story, Sonia is in math class and is afraid to the teacher for help. To sonia Norma is a genius as she did not have to study and she understands everything. Sonia asks Norma questions, and Norma helps her. Later on when they are in french class, Norma called out a question to their French teacher Mrs. LeFevebre. Mrs. LeFevebre was already upset at the class, and asked norma to not be rude. When Norma continued the conversation, the teacher
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