Summary Of The Short Story 'Puppy'

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Bo 's Story The short story "Puppy" by, George Saunders is told in the third person. It is told by what Marie and Callie are thinking in their minds. I 'm choosing to write my version of the story in the third person from Bo 's point of view. Yesterday was a bad day, mom wouldn 't let me go outside, outside is fun, it 's better than being inside. But mom said, no yesterday so I threw a fit and screamed until I could no more and fell asleep. I don 't understand why mom is so worried about me, I just want to play, I love being outside. Today is different I 'm so excited mom said I could go outside. Mom leads me out to the big, tall tree in our yard. Wait, what is she doing? What is she putting on me? Uh…who cares as long as I can be outside. I wonder if it 's because I ran away last time. Mama was really upset with me. I ran across this long road and there were cars coming at me, but I just closed my eyes and ran really, really fast. It was so much fun! When mama finally found me, she was crying but told me she was glad I was okay and to never scare her like that again. I just wanted to be outside, I didn 't mean to scare mama. The doctor told mama she has to give me these nasty pills, so I 'll be easier to deal with. Whatever that means. If they just let me outside, I 'd be fine. I hate those pills! They make me mad! Today I will be good mama is letting me outside and she told me I had to be good because someone is coming to get the puppy today. I 'm

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