Summary Of The Short Story 'Super-Toys Last All Summer Long'

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"How do you tell what are real things from what aren't real things?" (Aldiss, 446)

Since antiquity the human mind has been intrigued by artificial intelligence and the rapid development of computer science has also raised issues and questions.

The short story “Super-toys Last All Summer Long” is written in 1969 by Brian Aldiss. Aldiss' tale is about the paradoxical loneliness of living in an overpopulated world. With advancement in technology and increase in population, the narrator of the story portrays not only the relationship between “super-toys” and human beings but also the reality that takes place when A.I is introduced in a human world.

The story is set some time in the future and begins with portraying the relationship of David and Monica.
Monica Swinton, "she remained alone. An overcrowded
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Teddy is David's parent when his Mom ("Mummy," as he calls her) fails to accept her synthetic son. He teaches David about life and answers his questions about the world as best he can. It is concealed to David that he is an android, so Teddy guides him because the small bear is the same species as David and therefore more like a true parent.

Monica and Mr. Swinton live in a huge mansion with no windows to avoid any contact with the “…overcrowded external world”. (Aldiss, 445) Their huge mansion appears like a perfect place with a beautiful garden with “eternal summer” compared to the despicable world outside their void. But not everything is perfect inside this void either.
“It was amazing what Whologram could do to create huge mirages in small spaces.” (Aldiss, 450) The eternal summer in the garden was too the development of science deceiving reality. This is where reality strikes. Summer is usually the season that is associated with warmth, play and carefreeness, and most importantly happiness. Alas, Monica has neither of these. The world is cold and crowded; she stands aloof from her artificial
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