Summary Of The Sioux Creation Story Of 1910

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A. Summarize the story in your own words being sure to include the reasons and ways previous worlds were destroyed. (1-2 Paragraphs)
The Sioux Creation Story of 1910 describes how an almighty Creating Power established different worlds over time. From the beginning, the Creating Power was dissatisfied with the previous worlds and wanted to form worlds that better aligned with a certain vision. The story illustrates the process of destruction of the second world and formation of the current world.
First, the Creating Power sang four songs which brought heavy rains to the world and split the earth with cracks. Water permeated through the cracks until it flooded all life and land. The Creating Power then opened his pipe bag and brought out four animals in which he selected carefully. He asked them to dive into the water and bring up mud, so he could form the land. After three of the animals failed, the fourth animal, a turtle, fulfilled his task.
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Afterwards, the Creating Power brought out all the animals and plants from his pipe bag and used the earth to form humans. He brought all the creatures and humans to life and assigned them to their tribes. After he finished with his creation of the current world, the Creating Power explained to the humans that this is not the first world he created, but the third.
Further, he explained that the people in the first world misbehaved inappropriately, so he decided to scorch the world. He continued by saying that in the second world, the humans did not sustain peace with each other and the living things around them, so he flooded that world. He then warned the current people that if they did not respect each other and have friendly relationships, then their world would be destroyed as
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