Summary Of The Story Of A Village Idiot '

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Jemu was without any human consideration and used to embarrass his parents whose care, love and sacrifice made him a judge. “The Patels (Parents of Jemu) had been dreaming of sending their son to England, so they visited the money lenders, who surveyed father and sons with the sleepiness of crocodiles and then pounced with an often of ten thousand rupees. At 22 percent interest”.(89) Jemu never understands the love of his wife and he hurts her by kicking his leg. Jemu always scolding his wife by saying that she is not a suitable pair for him. “you are following the script of a village idiot, she is unsuitable to be my wife”.(306) Biju finds how the immigrants from the poor countries are exploited and ill-treated “They dreaw the lines at crucil juncture”(23), and, on the top, rich colonial, and down below, poor native; Colombian, Tunisian, Ecuadorion….Above all, the restaurant was French, but below in the kitchen it was Mexican and Indian.:(21) White men also sheet, “Uloo Ka patta, son of an Owl lowdown son-of-bitch India”.(23)….The habit of hate had accompanied Biju and he found that he possessed anawe of white people who arguably had done India a great harm.”(77) So it happens with Jemu, Saeed and others in different parts of the world. Gyan, a Nepali who is angry by poverty represents the sufferings of his fellow people as well as the human treatment by the ruling classes of the country. “….we are labourers on the tea plantations, coolies dragging heavy loads. And are

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