Summary Of The Story Of An Hour

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1. The initial impression that was developed through reading this work was that Mrs. Mallard was indeed sorrowful at the news of her husband 's death, but that sorrow was quickly diminished with a calming sense of freedom. As the story continues, I believed that Mrs. Mallard would, in fact, get to live a life of freedom from her husband. The irony of this story is that in the end, her life is quickly cut short by the reveal that Mr. Mallard is still alive, sending Mrs. Mallard to death due to, as the text states, "heart disease." 2. The genre of "The Story of an Hour" can be considered a fictional short story due to the length of this written work and in consideration that these events did not occur in real life, but were a creation of the author, Kate Chopin 's, mind. 3. The exposition of "The Story of an Hour" involves the author 's explanation of Mrs. Mallard 's heart issues and the news that her husband has passed away in a railroad disaster. As the story continues, the rising actions include Mrs. Mallard 's reactions to the death of her husband. In the rising actions, Mrs. Mallard 's attitude changes from grief to a sense of freedom and excitement to live life for herself. The climax of the story happens when Brently Mallard, Mrs. Mallard 's husband who was presumed dead, walks through the door. The climax is quickly followed by the falling action, which encompasses Richards and Josephine 's reactions towards Mr. Mallard being alive. The denouement of "The Story of
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