Summary Of The Story Of Tristram Shandy

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narrator is invested in prolonging the story for maintaining the narration through digressions because he thinks that once the desire of narration is aroused, it become insatiable and narrator’s temptation tends always to be to spin out the story (Chambers 20). According to Wayne Booth, in Tristram Shandy, Stern follows two main stories simultaneously, the story of uncle Toby and the story of Tristram. However, there is no direct connection and clear shift between these two even though digressions about uncle Toby’s modesty and way of life helps readers to understand his story. Until the book six, Tristram’s personal life, his conception, birth is made into public. However, his account of his personal details are always interrupted with digressions about the characteristics of uncle Toby. With the book six, the figures of Uncle Toby, Trim and the widow Wadman are in the foreground, yet it should be underlined that these two main stories are left unfinished, more correctly, unresolved instead of tensions and suspense that is created through Tristram’s digressions. In other words, the more progress Tristram makes in re-telling his life, the farther behind he falls in his goal of achieving closure. As can be seen, in Tristram Shandy, Brooks’ desire for the end is never fulfilled. Chambers who also identifies Tristram as a narrative without an end, relates Tristram’s interest towards the potential of endlessness writing to his unfortunate conception that takes place under

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