Summary Of The Story 'Trapped' By Michael Northrop

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Trapped Trapped is a fictional story written by Michael Northrop. It is 232 pages long. The story begins at Tattawa High School. The snow begins to fall, and school is let out early. An irritable teacher named Mr. Gossell and 7 kids remain. The main character, Scotty, waits with his friends, Jason and Pete for Jason's dad to come pick them up. He is not coming for another 3 hours though, because Jason wants to work on his go kart. But, there are some benefits of staying there, because Scotty’s crush, Krista is there with Julie. They also are with Les and Elijah who are the quiet but mysterious misfits. Eventually, Mr. Gossell is so desperate he jumps out into the snow. No one knows if he made it. After a night spent at the school, they are a little worried, but still in a pretty good mood. They decide they want some food, so Les figured out how to blow out the cylinders to open the door to the cafeteria. The amount of food makes them feel better, but they still can't ignore the increasingly colder temperatures and the decrease of water from the faucet, which is now just a drip.…show more content…
It is extremely cold, and the snow must be at least 15 feet. They need help. Throughout this time, Jason has been working on his go kart, which he has now transformed into a snowmobile. Pete says he wants to ride to go get help, but others are skeptical. They finally give in and give up some of their clothes for him. As he begins to ride, the snowmobile starts to sink, and Pete is trapped under it. As fast as he can, Scotty runs to make snowshoes. He hobbled out into the snow, but it is too late. Scotty can't do anything. Pete is dead. But, he must keep going. He travels as far as he can, but is very exhausted and falls over. He can't get up. He waits there until everything goes black, but a helicopter sees him and picks him up. Scotty tells him where he came from and that there are still people in the
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