Summary Of The Stress Of Poetry By Seamus Heaney

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The Redress of Poetry by Seamus Heaney

Q1. How does Seamus Heaney evoke out the importance of poetry regarding its redressing effect? Elaborate with reference to his special lecture that he delivered at Oxford.

Answer: Heaney enjoys a uniquely distinctive place among all such critics and poets who regard poetry as a sure way to address to all critical issues permeated through a society. The subject “The Redress of Poetry” selected by this great Irish poet, Heaney is not new. His approach towards poetry is akin to the approaches of the ancient and the middle age philosophers and intellectuals such as Aristotle and Sir Philip Sidney. Numerous writers and poets have already propounded their respective theories and have given their vent on this topic. Heaney has speculated this topic logically and tactfully. “The Redress of Poetry” is Seamus Heaney’s thesis statement that is proved by him with logical reasoning and apt critical references. The word ‘redress’ has a few etymological meanings such as reparation, consolation, confirmation, defence, reevaluation, satisfaction, compensation of a wrong sustained or even atonement. The other multiple interpretations range from being literary to intellectual or from being philosophical to spiritual such as to remove a misconception from the minds of the people, to defend the positivity, to reassure and to console the people in misery and sufferings. So, according to the above-mentioned interpretations, “The Redress of Poetry” stands

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