Summary Of The Testo Junkie

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What do you think?/ What is your answer to the question? The language sexuality article is written by Sean Czarnecki in 2013 . it is providing help for people to identify their sexuality . Michael Woodford cites Dan’s savages ‘ IT GETS BETTER ‘ campaign movement . to improve the self – esteem of lesbian , gay , bisexual and transgender individuals . However , The Testo Junkie book written by Paul b . Preciodo in 1996 . provides information about testosterone , Testogel and why he took then after his friends death . Evidence Quotation or paraphrase from the text. The language of sexuality text shows that there is more than two ways to identify yourself .you could be not ‘ hetersexual’ nor ‘ homosexual ‘ but ‘ others’ . “We need to give space for people to identify those other categories,” he said. “(Queer) doesn’t assume anything about me,” she said.. In the same way in the Test Juinke text Paul B wants to change what society wants to make out of him. ‘ This is the climax the spiritual force of the testosterone mixing with my blood takes the fore Absolutely all the unpleasant sensations disappear ‘…show more content…
In the language sexuality the Anxiety over labelling everything in categorise may cause people facing the traditional, rigid binaries of gender and sexuality to carve out for new spaces on the sexual spectrum more to their fitting. Though helpful in understanding experience . ‘Queer’ is used now as this umbrella term for everyone in the LGBT spectrum . On the other hand , Testo junkie text show that the witter is afraid of change but still wants to show that he can be a queer . which is why he takes Testogel drug to increase blood level of testosterone to foil what society wanted to make of him
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