Summary Of The Trail Of Tears By Cherokee

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Trail of Tears: The rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation Many know the“The Trail of Tears” to be the removal of Cherokee from one place to another. Yet this book tells more than just the Cherokees movement to the East of the Mississippi River. It is written by John Ehle who is “a sixth-generation North Carolinian, who grew up on land once used as hunting grounds by the Cherokee.”, and is currently 89 years old according to his biography. This book was chosen because even though the story about the Trail of Tears is known this book explained the story of Cherokee people living their life before they were ordered to move onto another location and re start their whole life. Also in the back of the book it states that the author had to go through…show more content…
This book was very well organized and Ehle did a great job at finding a place to beginning and taking off from there. I also found it nice how he would go into detail on how the Cherokee people would do things and their ways of life. Some enjoyable parts were whenever Ehle explained that John Ridge was voted president of the Cherokee Nation and he said that Major Ridge must have been proud of him. Also another thing I enjoyed was reading the actual letters that Ehle put in the book, some were written by Cherokees to Jackson and others from Jackson to different Cherokee leaders or to Lieutenants or Generals. Although the story was very well thought out I would have wanted to know about more Cherokee people going West than what he normally put on there. Ehle only put the story of about 5 different groups who migrated to the West and I don 't think that every single Cherokee was in those 5 groups even though they were big, but maybe they where, who knows. I would have liked to know more about them moving West but at the same time reading about them getting diseases and not wanting treatment because of pride and so many dying was a part that I didn 't enjoy. There was mothers who gave birth on the way and would receive a blanket or two but the mothers and other sick Cherokees wouldn 't let the doctors help them because it wasn 't what they believed in and that also got me upset. It got me upset because I couldn 't believe that their pride and faith in the Shaman 's was that big but more help from other people should still be received because it could have saved them. I also feel like if the Cherokees would have accepted the blankets and the clothing and the medicine from the doctors more would have survived from the ones that died because they wouldn 't have
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