Summary Of The Transformation Of Cindy By Anne Mazer

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The Transformation of Cindy .R written by Anne Mazer is a short story about a young girl named Cindy who consistently allows herself to be bossed around by those in her presence simply because she is considered to be rather rough-looking. However, in the story, Cindy receives assistance from a fairy godmother who takes the initiative to transform her into a more attractive person right before the school dance. At the dance, this catches the attention of her so-called “friends” who do not even realize who she actually is. They befriend her simply because she is now considered to be beautiful. In a state of frustrated, Cindy returns to her home and smashes the fairy godmother into pieces, causing her to return to her rough-looking self again. The first major event that happened in this book that intrigued me was when Cindy sees an ad for a fairy godmother. She fills in the order but doesn’t mail it but the fairy appears anyways. “Poof! A small figure has appeared on the table in front of her, right between the dinner plate and the water glass.” I used this quote because it made the story.Without the fairy coming there would be nothing to carry on the story with. Also, this part of the story made me want to read more due to the fact that a fairy godmother actually appeared. This was the turning point of the story.…show more content…
“No-not you! Cindy’s the one who always does it. Have you ever run into her? She’s nothing like you. You’d never allow yourself to ever be seen with her!” This quote is significant because it just showed Cindy how really different she looked and what she so-called friends thought of her. I think this was another turning point in the story because I think she realized that this girl she portraying to be was not her and she didn’t like being that
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