Summary Of The Ugly Truth About Beauty

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In an article named "The Ugly Truth about Beauty" written by Dave Barry. The author Dave Barry explains how women think of their appearance, and how man think about their appearance. Although, Barry strongly points out that men just shave and focus on other things such as the superbowl. Barry says that women see themselves as not good enough and while making this point Barry explains that woman feel as if a dog catcher is going to throw a net and collect them. Barry then says if a women were to ask you if she looks good, the best way to answer this question will be to collapse to the floor, and fake a seizure, yet there are other answers such as you look good, very beautiful or simply amazing. Barrys tone seems to just leave your thoughts on his sarcastic and immature comment. Barry then points out that men are okay with looking average and seem to feel comfortable with there appearance by the 7th grade. Which is why men don 't ask others how they look. Barry argues that women dont feel comfortable with there appearance because growing up women play with a doll called a "Barbie". Barry says if Barbie was real she ". . . would be seven feet tall and 81 pounds, of which 53 pounds would be bossoms." Many may feel confused about what bossoms are, but Barry should probably have left out the bossoms part because the example of the Barbie now sounds immature. Barry says his son plays with action figures, but he makes another immature comment by saying dolls instead of action
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