Summary Of 'The Wanderings Of Telly Machus'

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The Wanderings of Telly Machus Book 1- Telly was talking to his neighborhood friend, Caly. Caly was worried about high school since today was her first day of high school as a freshman. Telly is a sophomore now and and says to Caly “Your first day can’t go any worse than mine did, so think of it that way”. Caly replies “What happened?”, as Telly lets out a stressful sigh he flashed back and begins telling Caly about how his day went. “I was on the bus and it was extremely crowded so he had to sit next to a big stocky senior. I walked up to the senior and asked shyly ‘is it ok if I sit next to you?’ the senior grunts and rolled his eyes, then moves his boulder of a backpack of the way. I sit next to him with my heart racing trying not to
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