The Wedding Banquet By Munoz Essay

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Munoz’s story is interesting and different from the film we have been watching throughout the quarter, but it had a few things in common with the La Mission film and The Wedding Banquet all the gay men are dating a white man and their parents seem to blame the white man for the problems facing their sons. I wanted to read more but we only had so many pages from Munoz. In the story by Munoz the father doesn’t have a great relationship with his son, but they both want to make it work but they are scared to open more, their relationship is distant and estranged. The father imagines his son with a white women and a strong man who take charge of his life and can speak Spanish but the son is the opposite of this things, The father believes his son is being controlled by his partner whom he doesn’t like, because he is older, takes control of everything and he was to act as a father to his son life and that he doesn’t like and lastly the father loves his son and deep down he has faith that one day they will have a good relationship and finally understand each other. In Munoz story the father did not raise his son, he was raised by the farmer who took him in and helped him fake his papers so he…show more content…
Che from the film La Mission would call the son in Muñoz story a race traitor for choosing to date a white man who make decision for him and not “ Brown” enough for his people as he doesn’t know how to speak Spanish, in the story is father wishes to speak in Spanish with him so that his partner will not hear their conversation and just maybe he his son will be able to make his own decision as his partner will not have a chance to object and the father will feel more comfortable to open up to his son and tell him what he feels and what he thinks of his
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