Summary Of The Wingfield Family In The Glass Menagerie

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In Tennessee William’s play, “The Glass Menagerie”, the main characters are the Wingfield family. The play mainly progresses due to the conflict between Tom and Amanda. The conflict is affected by their distinct characteristics and Amanda’s excessive worry over being abandoned by Tom. In the play, the Wingfield family members all have some unordinary behaviors. Amanda, the mother, has a strong desire for making sure the lives of her children are perfect. Also, she immoderately nags Tom and Laura. Furthermore, this ultimately becomes a big problem that leads to the destruction of the family’s relationships. In addition, Tom is a young, ambitious and adventurous man who isn’t satisfied with his life, and he abandons his family at the end of the play. Also, there is one more important character. The father of the Wingfield family never appears in the play; he is only described by the other family members. He is important because the abandonment of his family strongly affects the remaining Wingfield family members. Therefore, the combination of the above scenarios is why Tom abandons his family. Amanda’s constant interference in Tom’s life causes him to repeat his father’s behavior by abandoning his family. First of all, the part that I liked about the play are the interesting symbols. In this play, symbols play a significant role. The author used the symbols as substitutions that were used to express a particular situation or the characters’ thoughts. For example, in the play,

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