Summary Of The Yellow Wallpaper And Cat In The Rain

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Feminism under the Symbols: the Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper and Cat in the Rain If there is no Mandela, there will be other “Mandelas” denouncing the world for racial discrimination, which means that the problem will always be resolved by history. With regard to feminist demands and needs, radical people will continue to fight for the rights of women, even to the present. In the male-dominated society, the expression of female will become more difficult but more frequent, such a rebound effect in the "the yellow wallpaper" and "cat in the rain" have a lot of performance. Also because the author put the social present situation project to the work in their creation process, that makes us so dear to feminism. If no one mentioned it, we often overlook the social common problem: women are habitually ignored or the men habitually carry on the dictatorship of the society and their families. Although the patriarchal society suppresses feminism, women 's internal expression will be revealed through external symbolic forms. Social factors to women attached to the external symbol are a reflection of social criticism. In the "yellow wallpaper", the main driving factor in the plot is the changing wallpaper patterns in eyes of the heroine. The real reflection of her heart is that this side of the Yellow Wallpaper: the wallpaper pattern from a simple line into a pattern of seaweed, after the emergence of a woman which from static to dynamic, then become more that one, and the

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